Research Briefs

The following materials have been archived from the PSP pilot program, the Violence Reduction Network (VRN).

Partnerships between local law enforcement and corrections agencies such as probation and parole are more common as agencies continue to learn the value of leveraging their resources to meet the common goal of public safety. This white paper was developed for the VRN sites to examine the importance of sharing information and collaboration between police and corrections agencies. The document also outlines example partnerships, types of information that can be shared, success stories, and available resources.
Law enforcement agencies use offender-based policing strategies to address crime by focusing resources and efforts on the small percentage of persons committing the greatest percentage of crimes. These “focused deterrence” or "pulling levers" strategies rely on research that has shown that a relatively small number of offenders are responsible for a large number of the crimes that are committed. Focused deterrence/pulling levers strategies are policing strategies that follow the core principles of deterrence theory.