Communities of Practice

PSP encourages and supports the belief that law enforcement agencies benefit tremendously from sharing their knowledge and best practices. To network and discuss promising practices in reducing violence, PSP promotes “Communities of Practice” in areas such as crime analysis, technology, and prosecution to address shared challenges, needs, and lessons learned in PSP sites and in the broader criminal justice community through on-site and virtual learning and networking opportunities. Contact to learn more about the communities of practice or to join our distribution list.

Crime Analysis Community of Practice

The PSP Crime Analysis Community of Practice (CACoP) promotes crime analysis as a core and integrated element of participating agencies and leverages BJA’s varied and customizable array of training and technical assistance (TTA) to support the crime analysis needs of PSP sites.

Technology Community of Practice

PSP established the Technology Community of Practice (TCoP) to provide an opportunity for PSP site technology professionals to network, discuss promising practices in leveraging technology to reduce crime, and help address law enforcement’s technology-related challenges with the increasingly critical and expansive role that technology plays in daily crime fighting.

Prosecution Community of Practice

The PSP Prosecutors Community of Practice (PCoP) encourages outreach and relationship-building among all prosecutors and district attorneys throughout the PSP network to increase knowledge and share best practices to support PSP’s efforts to drive evidence-based prosecution and enhance public safety.